Philippines Dating Site Advice For Filipinas Meeting Foreginers

You are going to be meeting mostly foreigner men from all over the world but a lot of Western men. While the Philippines is quite a bit like a Western country, specifically the United States, there are a few things that you might want to consider when making your profile as well as chatting with Western men.

Give our advice a read, and then sign up. There is no better way to learn than to just dive right in and give it a try.

Good luck!

More Modesty... Unless If you are looking for a serious relationship, use more modest profile pictures. Western men who are looking for a Filipina for a serious relationship are looking for a “keeper”, someone who is more on the traditional and conservative side, at least publicly. If a woman is showing a lot of “skin” on a public profile dating site, the western man probably will not believe you are serious. If you are just having fun, well then it does not matter!

General And Specific Knowledge If you meet someone you like, take some time to learn about their country if you do not already know anything. The best thing to do is to do some quick Google searches to see pictures and read about where they are from. You could learn about a little about the climate, the geography, and a little history. This certainly shows that you are sincere in your interest.

Be Direct Write something meaningful in your profile about what you are looking for. You don't necessarily need to include a lot, but try to include the things you know you want or don't want. For example: A lot of men you will meet may be considerably older than you. Take the time to specify your age range if you do not want a man over a certain age contacting you. While we do not restrict anyone contacting you, unless you blocked them of course, but most men will not bother you if you say something like “Please, no one over 50” etc.

Divorce - Cultural Difference Something you should understand is that all Western cultures have legal Divorce. I know this may be a sensitive subject possibly for some of you but it is a fact. If you ask a man on a dating site; "Where is your wife?" they will likely not understand why anyone would ask them on a dating site a question like this. A lot of foreigners will not know that in the Philippines, divorce is not legal, only an "Annulment" which leads unhappy couples to have boyfriends and girlfriends outside of marriage. The foreigner probably will not understand this unless they are very familiar with Filipino culture.

The Bad Ones You are going to run in to the occasional “Jerk” on here, just like any dating site. Typically, these people have not been reported yet, or they just joined or slipped thru the cracks somehow. What they will want, is to take you off the site, to some other app so they can try to involve you in something you may not understand. Please report these people to us so we can take action and remove them from our community.