Want To Date A Filipina?

So do we! And that is why we created this Philippines dating site!
Seriously... that is how this site got started. After moving to the Philippines many years ago, our lead software engineer, James, was using several Filipino dating sites and was surprised how popular they were. In case you don't know this, dating sites in the Philippines are incredibly popular when compared to the rest of South East Asia, and even more so when compared to the rest of the world.

James was using all of the well known Philippines dating sites that have been around for a long time and noticed that they had many things in common. Despite having a lot of users, they aren't very modern looking and all basically do the same thing. And so, we saw an opportunity to create something that did all the things everyone wants, plus a whole lot of things people aren't used to having. Even now, with all the features that make our dating app different, we are always improving and creating new features. Have you seen our Travel Dating Features yet?

You should try our Philippines dating site!
Filipino singles love our site! They tell us all the time on our Facebook page and send us messages. Since we live here in the Philippines, we also get a chance to talk to our users 1 on 1 from time to time. We bet no other dating site can say the same thing!

If you are new to Philippines dating sites or have tried a dozen already.... Our Site Is For You!
Dating a Filipina Is Simple If You Just
  • Are Respectful
  • Act Polite
  • Be Humble
  • Are Genuine
  • Are a Nice Guy
  • Act Superior
  • Say Rude Things
  • Act Arrogant
  • Speak Condescendingly
  • Think You Are God's Gift To Women
I've seen, and heard it all, in the many years I have lived here as a foreigner. Met a thousand tourists and half as many expats. Don't try putting on a show and just be a normal guy. That will take you further than anything else.
~ James